Incorporated 1811 

Animal Control Officer

Our Animal Control Officer is Jean Taylor.  Jean and her husband are residents and she enjoys the outdoors. 

Her number is 848-9913 please leave a message.

Game Warden Service: 941-4440 or 287-5252 (Call the warden service on all wild animals and any dogs you witness chasing deer) for non-domesticated animals

The Animal Control Officer responds to the care and control of domestic animals within Town of Carmel. The service requests can range from the capture and control of domestic animals such as horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats.

Emergency after-hours service is available for sick and injured at Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary clinic. We enforce both state and local laws relating to animal control. Captured animals are boarded at Bangor Humane Society at 693 B, Mt Hope Ave., Bangor.  Phone: 942-8902.

Remember by law your dogs and cats must be tagged with their rabies tag and be identifiable and that dog six (6) months old or older that you keep for more than ten days must be licensed. The 2013 Licenses are available at the Town Office. We are happy to assist you with all of your animal control questions or concerns.

The state sends us the next years dog tags so that we may start licensing for the next year October 15th.  Dogs need to be licensed by December 31st.  The state usually allows the month of January as a grace month.  After which there is a $25 late fee charged for each dog.