Incorporated 1811 

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes June 29, 2009



Selectmen Present:                Suzan Rudnicki, John Luce, and Earlyn Bowers Present


Absent:                                   Josh Devlin and Douglas Small


Town Manager:                     Tom Richmond


Recording Secretary:            Coreen Sylvester


Guests Present:                     Tim Richardson Sr., ACO Vivian Axmacher, Toby Pelletier and Glennis McSorley


7:30 PM:                    Suzan Rudnicki called the meeting to order. 


Open Roadside Mowing Bids: 


The following bids were received:


                                    First Round                  Second Round

Tim Richardson            $ 1,950.00                   $ 1,950.00     Plus $90 per hour for wide mowing

Northeast Facilities       $ 6,650.00                   $ 7,350.00

Earlyn Bowers              $ 2,200.00                   None


Town Manager Tom Richmond explained that he had talked with Howard P. Fairfield of Skowhegan, and that the town could rent a boom rotary mower for $2,200.00 for a forty-hour week plus $50.00 an hour for additional hours. The Town would have to provide it’s own operator.


With only three selectmen present and Earlyn Bowers having submitted a bid causing a possible conflict of interest, Earlyn Bowers withdrew his bid and made a motion to have Tim Richardson do the first mowing and decide later as to what the Town would do for the second mowing.  John Luce seconded the motion and three voted in favor.


MINUTES:  John Luce made a motion to accept the minutes of June 22, 2009 as

amended.  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Three voted in favor. 




1.      Animal Shelter:  Vivian Axmacher was present to request the Selectmen consider having the Bangor Humane Society as the Town’s animal shelter. She cited her efforts in collecting unregistered dog fees as a way to help pay for the increase in shelter cost.


Tom Richmond advised the Board that he had sent a letter, a copy of which had been included in last week’s packet, to Carson’s Animal Shelter asking what her intentions were for a new contract and had not received an answer.


John Luce made a motion to go with Bangor Humane Society.  Suzan Rudnicki seconded.  Three voted in favor. 



attached report.


WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of June 29, 2009 in the

amount of  $16,386.12  Suzan Rudnicki seconded.  Three voted in favor.



WARRANT:  John Luce made a motion to accept the account payable warrant of June 29, 2009

in the amount of  $ 28,095.54  Earlyn Bowers seconded.  Three voted in favor


Next Scheduled Meeting: The Town Manager advised the Board that he would be returning on

July 20th, but that is the Monday that the Comprehensive Plan Committee will be meeting and suggested that the Selectmen’s meeting be held on Tuesday night July 21, 2009.  Selectmen agreed.


Delayed Tax Bills: Tom Richmond explained that the tax bill had been put on hold until the

school budget is finalized, and hopes that will be July 14, 2009 after the next referendum vote.


ADJOURNMENT:  Suzan Rudnicki made a motion to adjourn.  Earlyn Bowers seconded. 

Three voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm.



Town Manager / Road Commissioner Report

June 29, 2009

Road Commissioner:


Ditching: Even with rain showers we were able to ditch the Old State Road and the edge of pavement on the Five Road.

                        Old State Road                                                                      Five Road


Brush Chipping:  The Inmates will be here to assist with chipping of brush on the Cook Road and removing of the pine tree on Route #2 on Sylvia Andrews land.



                        Cook Road


Grading Roads:  We have completed grading of Perry Lane and will continue other dirt roads as soon as they dry out enough.



                        Perry Lane




Bush hog mowing:  I have contacted Allen McGown about doing the mowing at the salt shed and Highland Cemetery but he’s retired and recommended contacting Pat Devlin.  As soon as the weather allows I would recommend doing the cemetery and town salt shed. This will allow the survey work at the cemetery to move ahead, and maybe by August we could get the bid out and work completed in time for grass to grow in the fall.


Fuller Road Construction:  In talking with Rick Whitmore it looks like construction will start on or around July 27th and, with the road closed to thru traffic, it should take about two weeks.


Town Manager:


Defeat of the School Budget:  The defeat of the referendum on the SAD 23 budget will cause financial problems if we are unable to commit taxes in the next thirty days. I have talked to John Backus about the time frame to have another vote and it could happen as soon as July 13th if everything goes smoothly. He will be meeting with the School Board on Thursday June 25th to see what direction they wish to go. He is recommending that the overall budget stay the same and the assessment for the towns be reduced by the amount of penalties that would have been assessed for failure to join the RSU.


In order to meet our monthly expenditures and do payroll, we will have to find ways to reduce spending. I have talked with the Superintendent, and SAD 23 would be able to get by for a couple of months should it be necessary to delay payments.


I have contacted Sunrise about putting off the paving until August, but Ed Nason advised me that he thought that we should move ahead with the paving to avoid additional costs due to possible increases in liquid pavement, and the Town could pay when funds become available.