Incorporated 1811 

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes



Selectmen Present:                John Luce, Earlyn Bowers and Doug Small


Absent:                                   Josh Devlin and Suzan Rudnicki


Town Manager:                    Tom Richmond


Recording Secretary:            Tom Richmond


Guests Present:                      Glennis McSorley, Toby Pelletier, Judy Arbia-Colgan, Tom Colgan, Scott Perkins, Jim Wilson and Josh Wilson                     


7:40 PM:                    John Luce called the meeting to order. 


PAVING BIDS:    Company Representatives as follows:


Ed Nason                                                                    Sunrise Materials

Chris Horn &  Scott Preston                                       Wellman Paving Inc   

Lloyd Hopkins                                                            B & B Paving

Kevin Scott                                                                 Pike Industries

Brad Ingraham                                                            Vaughn Thibodeau Jr. Construction


Bids were opened and recorded.  John Luce made a motion to postpone awarding the bid until the May 31, 2011 Selectmen’s meeting. Earlyn Bowers seconded. Three voted to accept.


MINUTES:  Voting on minutes of May 9, 2011 was postponed as there were not enough Selectmen present who attended that meeting.


Hermon Football: Representatives were present to follow up on their written request of $1,000 from Carmel toward the football program. Scott Perkins explained that Hermon had given $3,000.00 and Levant had given $1,000.00, and they were requesting $1,000.00 from Carmel. John Luce explained that he was opposed to approving any new funding requests. Tom explained that over the last ten years the Town of Carmel had received and denied a number of requests for donations, such as The Red Cross and other agencies that provide services to residents. Tom also explained that the yearly budget process starts in October and any request would need to be submitted prior to that date.


Town Manager Road Commissioner Report:  Tom advised the Board that the Public Works crew using the inmates had worked with the bucket truck to continue limbing throughout the town.


He also explained that the trees near the turnout on the Hermon town line had been cut and the brush chipped to make way for the new Welcome to Carmel signs.  


Box Culvert: In a meeting with Plymouth Engineering Tom had discussed the size of the new culvert and Scott Braley indicated that with the increase in size the culvert would not require the watershed Hydrology study. In order to design the project it will be necessary to dig a test hole to establish the quality of soils under the culvert to determine that it will support a box culvert.


EXECUTIVE SESSION: John Luce made a motion to go into executive session pursuant to 22 MRSA (4305)(3B) to discuss a poverty abatement application. Early Bowers seconded. Three voted in favor. Selectmen went into executive session at 8:10 pm. Selectmen reconvened in regular session at 8:20 pm. No action taken, informational only.


Earlyn Bowers made a motion to deny the poverty abatement. John Luce seconded. Three voted in favor.


WARRANT:  Earlyn Bowers made a motion to accept the payroll warrant of May 16, 2011  in the amount of  $4,294.07  John Luce second.  Three voted in favor.


ADJOURNMENT:  Earlyn Bowers made a motion to adjourn.  Suzan Rudnicki seconded. 

Three voted in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.